Detailed or minimalist, figurative or abstract, both precious and everyday, Soof aims to create a visual repertoire of prints that will delight lovers of textile design. At the helm of the brand, Soof has produced an eclectic collection of prints, varying with the different personalities of its designers. 
Since its existence, Soof has been rather a range of ideas, stories and feelings. Though the scarf is apparently simple in proportions and geometry, it can be more than a mere accessory. If you look closely, Soof scarves showcase a unique and pertinent opportunity to be symbolic, purposeful and extraordinary, sometimes eclipsed to be fun and playful. It's a particular kind of creativity both technical and aesthetic in concentrated form.  Through artworks inspired by the natural world and the dream realm, we hope to uplift the self through various forms of creative thought and expression. The essential goal for Soof is the moment in which the self attains presence within themselves in our pieces. 
Family-run, independent and socially responsible.