Vibrant, unique and inspiring, we hope to connect artists all over the globe to the Soof community.

Ribbon Reverie x Hazyra Halim

In a quaint village nestled within the rolling hills, there existed a charming tradition known as the "Ribbon Reverie". Each household meticulously weaves ribbons into intricate patterns, sharing stories and dreams whilst creating magical displays that adorned their homes and streets.

Think Like A Girl x Fitrie Roslan

Girls just want to have brunch. And also prioritise self-care, and speak out for themselves and others. Embrace individuality and support other women. Stand up against discrimination and contribute to the community and causes they believe in.

Ends January 14, 2024 at 8:00 pm

FROOTS x Farihaths

Amidst the chaos of dots and lines, we find a perplexing image. The creations of Farihaths redefining ways to fringe the unique and quirky, with modern taste. Some sweet, some spicy. Bon appetit 🍸


Rainbow's End x Fitrie Roslan

It's summer in full swing here at Soof Avenue 🏩🏙🌇 Rainbow's End is an illustration by Malaysian llustrator, @fitrieroslan.